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Four Requirements Electricians Need to Become an Apprentice

Companies looking to hire an electrical apprentice often have strict rules as to whom they let in to their program. Not just anyone off the streets can become an apprentice in this field. It takes years of work and dedication, and prerequisites met in order to be considered. Electricians wanting to become an apprentice need to meet at least four requirements.

Pre-Apprenticeship Certification

Technical schools are available for potential electricians. While there, students will learn both technical and mathematic equations. They will work to solve problems and fix robots and machines that are most often found in businesses particularly factories. By the end of the program, students should earn a Certificate II in Electrotechnology Studies. This is a prerequisite for all apprentice electrician jobs.

Additional Training

During the course of the program, apprentices must also attend additional training. This is done at a location outside of the job area. Apprentices with either learn at the NECA Education and Careers training facility, or another similar training center. If this training is not completed, the apprenticeship may end prematurely.

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Exceptional Communication Skills

When it comes to communicating, electricians need some of the most exceptional skills to succeed. Not only do electricians need to be able to speak to others in their department and discuss problems and solutions, but they also need skills in writing so they can take note of the work they are doing. Communicating both verbally and in writing is a requirement every potential apprentice must meet.


In order to gain an electrician apprenticeship, hopefuls must turn in an application. This is where skills can be showcased and prerequisites listed. The application is an important part of the process, as it helps employers quickly weed out who is qualified for the position, and who does not meet the standards. Basic information will be included, followed by details of certifications and schools attended, along with additional skills. This should include problem solving, hand-eye coordination, mathemetics, and detailed work, to name a few.

Obtaining electrical apprenticeship may be more difficult than some realize. Electrician hopefuls can not simply want to be, and not put in the effort to become. It takes lots of hard work, years of training, and precise attention to detail in order to truly be ready to take on an electrician apprenticeship and successfully complete it. With these four requirements met, students will be ready to conquer the program.

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